ICC Berlin 2015

International Classifiers Conference 2015 Berlin
(left to right) Claudia Mikat (FSF), Christiane von Wahlert (FSK), Otto Vollmers (FSM), Felix Falk (USK); © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler
ICC Welcome (LTR): Claudia Mikat (FSF), Christiane von Wahlert (FSK), Otto Vollmers (FSM), Felix Falk (USK); © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler
Selfregulation for Film – FSK
Selfregulation for Multimedia  – FSM
Selfregulation for Games  – USK

Media Regulation from a European Perspective

Moving from Diversity to Harmonisation in Media Classification

The German Boards of Self-Regulation for Television, Film, Multimedia and Games – FSF, FSK, FSM and USK – hosted the International Classifiers Conference (ICC) 2015 in Berlin, 1 and 2 October.

Prof. Dr. Murad Erdemir (LPR Hessen)
Prof. Dr. Murad Erdemir (LPR Hessen) © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler
Dieter Czaja (Mediagroup RTL Germany)
Dieter Czaja (Mediagroup RTL Germany) © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler

Keynotes: Protection of Minors in a Converged Media Environment

Dr. Tobias Schmid
Dr. Tobias Schmid © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler

Economic Perspective:
Dr. Tobias Schmid
Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services (Chairman of the Board) and Mediagroup RTL Deutschland GmbH (Executive Vice President Governmental Affairs)

Patricia Manson
Patricia Manson © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler

Perspective of European Media Policy:
Patricia Manson
European Commission DG Connect (Head of Unit Inclusion, Skills & Youth)

Round Table Discussion:

How will the Process of Age Classification be Organized in the Future? Will there be Age Classification in the Future?

(left to right) David Cooke (British Board of Film Classification, UK), Leo Pekkala (National Audiovisual Institute, Finland), Vera Linß (Presentation), Anne Mette Thorhauge (Danish Media Council for Children and Young People), Patricia Vance (Entertainment Software Rating Board, USA), Wim Bekkers (Netherlands Institute for the Classification of Audio-visual Media); © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler

Schemes of International Cooperation

Martin Drechsler (FSM)
Martin Drechsler (FSM) © fsf

International  Network of Hotlines

Tiffany van Stormbroek (NICAM)
Tiffany van Stormbroek (NICAM) © fsf
David Austin (BBFC)
David Austin (BBFC) © fsf

Rating Tool for User-Generated Videos

Felix Falk (USK)
Felix Falk (USK) © fsf

International Age Rating Coalition

Round Table Discussion: News from the Countries

David Cooke (BBFC)
David Cooke (BBFC) © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler
Wim Bekkers (NICAM)
Wim Bekkers (NICAM) © photothek.net/Thomas Köhler

From Diversity to Harmonisation?

Stephan Dreyer (HBI)
Stephan Dreyer (HBI) © fsf

European Trends in Protection of Minors in the Media and Schemes of International Cooperation
Stephan Dreyer 
Hans-Bredow-Institut (Senior Researcher)

International Classifiers Conference 2015