Welcome to the FSF

The FSF is an organisation for the voluntary self-regulation of television, with most of Germany's commercial television broadcasters registered as affiliated members. Its remit is focused on the protection of minors from TV programmes and similar content on the Internet, which could be harmful to children (feature films, shows, series, etc.). Apart from examining television programmes and allocating age ratings for broadcasting on TV, the FSF also wants to raise awareness of a more conscious approach to media through educational projects, publications and events.

How does it work?


The FSF examines programmes prior to their transmission. The assessment procedures are monitored by a committee of independent experts. This board of trustees is responsible for selecting examiners and developing the examination regulations, both of which must be accepted by the KJM.

Age Classification Symbols


There are time schedules and certain age groups which have to be considered.

The FSF informs the consumers about its decisions. The ProgrammInfos (programme information) provide a brief summary of the arguments regarding the protection of minors, which are drawn from the reports prepared after examining each programme.



The German Boards of Self-Regulation for Television, Film, Multimedia and Games – FSF, FSK, FSM and USK – hosted the International Classifiers Conference (ICC) 2015 in Berlin, 1 and 2 October.