FSF examination of content

Applicants’ questions about the FSF examination of programmes ​​​​​​

What can I have examined?

In principle, moving pictures of every kind can be submitted to the FSF for examination: films, series, documentaries, scripted reality formats, show formats, music videos, trailers etc.

How much does an examination cost?

The cost of an FSF examination (incl. evaluation) depends on the size of the examining board and on whether you are submitting content as an FSF member or an external applicant. The cost of an examination generally involves a basic charge plus a price per minute of content. There is also a discount for series consisting of twenty or more episodes.

Price for members

 Basic chargePer minute
Examining board with 5 members230 €5 €
Appeal board with 7 members350 €5 €
Examining board with 3 members130 €5 €
Appeal board with 5 members250 €5 €
Individual examination75 €1 €


Prices for non-members

 Basic chargePer minute
Examining board with 5 members460 €10 €
Appeal board with 7 members700 €10 €
Examining board with 3 members260 €10 €
Appeal board with 5 members500 €10 €
Individual examination150 €2 €


How do I make an application?

Members of the FSF have access to the examination database in which all examination applications are recorded and processed. If you are interested in submitting an item to the FSF for examination, please get in touch with our office. The examination scheduling team will discuss the procedure with you and arrange a date for the examination if appropriate: email  | tel. 0049 (0)30 2308 36-40 or -30.

What do I have to submit?

Applicants can either upload the content to be examined to our server or make it available to us in some other digital form. However, it is also possible to send a recording on a DVD to the FSF office, either by post or by courier.
In any event, a time code should be visibly superimposed, to allow precise information to be provided for any editing requirements.

What quality does the visual material need to have?

Our examinations are carried out on very large television screens. This requires a good-quality high-resolution picture (e.g. the AVI file format).

How long does an examination take, from application through to evaluation?

Depending on the examination effort required, it may be possible to arrange a submission date for just a few days later, though this can also take up to three weeks. You should in any case put in your application (i.e. enter it into the FSF database) as early as possible. You will receive the results of the examination at the end of the day on which it takes place. The next day you will be able to view a short assessment in the database, and within ten days you should be able to access the full in-depth evaluation in PDF form.

What should I do if I simply cannot understand the decision?

Your options are either to launch an appeal using the same version of the original content or to revise the content and apply for a fresh examination.
For further general clarification, please visit FSF media classification.